The Internship Program Journal #1: Jonathan Toar

Jonathan Toar attended Emily Carr University, Vancouver - Canada is having a full week internship for 2 months at our HQ in South Jakarta.

He was assigned to help our Creative Director Yost ( @yostria ) to develop our very first outerwear.
During the internship program, Jonathan was given a freedom to apply his knowledge as Industrial Design on our concept. As a company, we want to accept various feedback from the external party and having Jonathan as our intern was to help us to develop more sensible products, especially with his formal education background.

Jonathan's Farewell Lunch

The Intern Program
This program exists and designed to create mutual benefit between the company and intern.
Our vision is to help the intern prepare and gain exposure to how the industry works and help to produce high-quality talent in the process.
As a company, we took The Interns Program very seriously down to the detail that we also prepared a standardized curriculum for each intern to create maximum impact both for Orbit Gear and the Interns.
The Interns is carefully handpicked with both personal and formal recruitment method to ensure that we only accept high quality & talented individuals and help them improve their professional skill in multiple aspects from technical & material knowledge, industry know how to the core business & design philosophy of Orbit  Gear.
The Intern Program is always open. you only need to send us your comprehensive CV and Portfolio to