Hello again, world.


Founded in 2008, ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods - previously named CRUSHERPALE is a design firm and independent maker that later gone hiatus in 2010 after it's founder decided to focus on the carry goods brand he founded.
The ORBIT founder lead his carry goods brand to become one of the most respected and pioneer in Local technical carry good scene.

7 years running the brand, our founder(s) come to realization that he was nowhere near the future he was envisioned before; creating high quality carry goods with user driven design to help the commuters ( users ) solved their unique and complicated problems and amplify their portable lifestyle

2017...ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods finally reawaken by it's original founder and the help from his previous brand co-founder and friend.
More than a brand, to it's founders, ORBIT is a redemption, a second chance to purify their vision and amplify their passion.

ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods has virtually setting the industry standards for years seek to deliver high value carry goods that designed to adapt it's user needs. With our in depth knowledge in components and manufacturing process, ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods aim for perfection.

Finally, we could happily say hello again to the world. Your fully customized and adaptive modular carry goods system will be son available in your orbit.