Orbit seeks to provide tailored solution for each user problems and simplified their complex commuting problem by making durable, adaptive & modular bags to fit your unique commuting needs.
With extra dimensional design philosophy, our modular system allow the user to use the gear both independently or configure two or more gear to create personalized carry system to fit each users' unique needs.

Virtually Setting Local Industry Standard from the Beginning.

Back in 2008, ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods founded as a design firm & independent maker.
By 2010, we've gone hiatus after it's founder switched his focus on other carry goods brand he founded.
After 7 years running the brand, the original founder of ORBIT realize that he was nowhere near the future he was envisioned before. Aside from the fact that he was comfortably sailing the sea with fairly stable ship, along with the other founder, they decided to jump off the ship and taste the water.
They recollected what was left from ORBIT and build a small raft to help them dance with the storm.

In 2017...ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods finally reawaken.
Running by the same guy who has virtually setting the local carry goods industry standard - more than a brand, to it's founders, ORBIT is a redemption; a second chance to purify their vision in carry making industry.
And to the user ORBIT is the first Indonesian Modular that offer Interoperability design. ORBIT is a carry system that allow the user to use, configure and modify their own carry system to adapt with their unique needs and simplify their commuting complexity.

ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods
Configure Own Your ORBIT, Make it Yours.