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R231 ADV VB "STEALTH SOLDIER" Pre-Config Package

$448 $520
Pre Configured Transporter system, curated by ORBITGear Internal Team.
Pick yours and save 15% on the Pre-Config System.

R231 ADV VB "STEALTH SOLDIER" is a Pre Configurated System for people who seeks neat item organization and minimal configuration. MOD configuration is divided into one multipurpose carry attachment with various item storage in MOD01. You can arrange your daily needs in every slot available in this little cube, from your devices, stationery, to charger units. The MODF-2 is strictly for quick-access, experience the easy opening of the SPQR Buckle, taking out the items will feel like a breeze. A pair of MODZip-2G on each side gives a pair of benefits too with it being accessible for left-handed or right-handed user and adds more to the load capacity.

R231 ADV VB "STEALTH SOLDIER" Pre-Config Package includes:
- 1x R231 ADV VB
- 1x MOD01
- 1x MODF-1 SP
- 2x MODZip-2G
- 1x MODPC-G
- 1x ambiSLING

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