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R221 ADV VB "DESERT TRACKER" Pre-Config Package

$438 $516

Pre Configured Transporter system, curated by ORBITGear Internal Team.
Pick yours and save 15% on the Pre-Config System.

R221 ADV VB "DESERT TRACKER" is a Pre Configurated System designed for maximum item organization and enhancing your carry experience by providing storage for different essentials. Layered MODZip-1G and MODPC-G for separation between electronic charging and cable units, MODBT-SR for hydration storage and MODZip-2G + MODZip-3G to store your small daily needs (i.e. cards, hand sanitizers, airpods) that needs quick access. This configuration is also interchangeable to suit left-handed or right-handed better.

R221 ADV VB "DESERT TRACKER" Pre-Config Package includes:
- 1x R221 ADV VB
- 1x MODZip-1G
- 1x MODZip-2G
- 1x MODZip-3G
- 1x MODF-12 SNAP
- 1x MODPC-G
- 1x axisSLING ADV + PAD

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