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R101 ADV VB "DOOM PACKER" Pre-Config Package

$538 $628

Pre Configured Transporter system, curated by ORBITGear Internal Team.
Pick yours and save 15% on the Pre-Config System.

R101 ADV VB "DOOM PACKER" is a Pre Configurated System designed especially for mobility and maximum preparation. With the dual mode (Flap + Rolltop) R101 ADV giving you options for your preferred closure system, it also fits for larger gear, up to 16" MacBook Pro. The MOD01, although small, is a beast that can organize a handful of items inside its body. From elastic slots, zip pockets and velcro sleeve pockets, endless combinations of storage are in front of your eyes inside this small cube. MODPC-G is also available for your small items. The MOD02 is a big storage room for your keyboards and different kinds of cable + charging units. Similar with MOD01, this big vertical MOD also provides a neat organization plus a dedicated keyboard storage. Complete it with MODF-12 SNAP that provides maximum waterproofness with the tarp-lined construction and dual-mode with secured closure system.

R101 ADV VB "DOOM PACKER" Pre-Config Package includes:
- 1x R101 ADV VB
- 1x MOD01
- 1x MOD02
- 1x MODPC-G
- 1x MODF-12
- 1x MODZip-3G

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