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A totem of the past, Stolen from the future.


An artifact lost in time finally arrived in the present. TOTEM is an ORBITGear take on Timex classic: MK 1. A homage to the timeless military-style reimagined to surpass today's standards. 


Lightweight. Multifunctional. Highly-Visible.


Apart from the lightness, efficiency also comes with its ability to sustain on your wrist and ORBITGear's modular system. Wrist deployment can be done quickly with the timeless NATO Strap or the new-breed magnetic strap for a quicker release.

As for the unique terrain it can live in, the included special extension kit will stick the MK I on any surface of ORBITGear's modular row system or even on the ORBITGear's array of sling systems. 


Being a multi-platform watch, ORBITGear x TIMEX MK 1: TOTEM is also prepared for different kinds of light intensity.

ORBITGear x TIMEX MK 1: TOTEM can adapt quickly in low-light condition, thanks to Timex's proprietary tech: Indiglo.

You're just one push away fire up the whole dial, easing your time-reading in any light condition.


Unit Technical Fact

Case Width: 40 mm

Case Material: Aluminum

Color: Black / Nitro Green

Finish: Matte

Crystal/Lens: Acrylic

Watch Movement: Quartz Analog

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Case Height: 13 mm

Strap and Lug Width: 20 mm



INDIGLO® Night-Light with Night-Mode / Chronograph Measures to 1/20th Second / Date Feature / Indiglo / Chronograph



Standard Nylon Strap

Magnetic Nylon Strap

Multi-Surface Attachment System

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