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Color: Grey Heather


Forged inside the stars. Tempered by the cosmic force.
From dust and gas forming new element.
Arrived with the falling stars, Rare Metal.

Inspired by exotic steels and their reactions against the elements, SPECIAL DROP 8.1: RARE METAL revisited two colors we used in our past collection, the Grey Heather and Iridescent.

The Grey Heather color is cut from a lightweight & waterproof sailcloth fabric, LS21 or best known as Liteskin. Its counterpart is the colorful Iridescent, which has a unique property where it’ll show the colors when getting hit directly by the light. RARE METAL offers weatherproof and modular technical gear in the “Grey Heather” & “Iridescent” colorway.

Rare Metal drop is only available in a very limited 20 units batch.

Handmade at ORBITGear in-house Studio in Jakarta

A flap closure system MOD inspired by Magazine Pouch featured 2 Pockets.

Multifunction. Adaptive. Weatherproof.

Integrate MODF System with Backpack, Messenger, Sling, or even attach it to your waistbelt or larger MOD to enable more organization and load capability to your current carry setup.
MODF can also be used as a sling bag with AXIS Sling integration.

Lightweight, Waterproof & Durable X-Pac Sailcloth Laminated Fabric or IR Reflective Fabric
Weatherproof Construction
YKK Industrial Grade Zipper System [ Weatherproof ]
SPQR Fastener
Industrial-Grade Strapping System
Industrial Grade Fastening System & Hardware

Weatherproof & Modular Designs
Computerized Bartack reinforcement for Extra-Strength Wear & Tear
1 Main Compartment
Handcrafted in SMALL Batch at ORBITGear in-House Studio in Indonesia

Include [ Options ]_
4x Slotted Loop

Compatibility & Fit_
ORBITGear Platform System, ORBITGear MODs System
AXIS Sling System

Dimension & Weight_
Refer to the last image

IR Fabric's reflective coating will experience crack over some wear period (depends on the frequency and handling of the item while being worn).

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