MOD201 "OG Sling"




CORE21.1 Series is an array of ultra adaptive, highly-technical, and functional carry systems. CORE21.1 Series built with ORBITGear's design architecture with the aim to provide a function-packed carry system with a minimal aesthetic.

Hovering around the city, chasing the sunset on your bike, or a casual stroll to your favorite coffee shop, MOD201 OG Sling is your perfect transporter of choice.
MOD201 OG Sling is a small techwear sling designed to be used as a MODUL to extend PLATFORM's loading capacity, a techwear purse, or a sling bag with AXIS Sling integration.
MOD201 OG Sling is ORBITGear OG model launched back in 2017 as part of the debut collection. MOD201 OG Sling cut to fit 11.9" iPad pro and offers a total of 5 compartments.

CORE21.1 Series cut form ORBITGear custom-spec CORDURA 500D Fabric.

Handmade with globally-sourced components in a small batch at ORBITGear in House Studio in Jakarta.

CORDURA 500D FD Shell / 150D Nylon Liner / Industrial-Grade Nylon Strap / Polyacetal Hardware / Industrial Grade Fastening System / Nylon Bonded 6.6 Thread

1 External, 4 Internal

25mm Slotted Ring [ x4 ] / AXIS Sling SR + MAG Stabilizer ]

All ADV & CORE Series Platform / AXIS Sling

Refer o the Last Image / Senna is 170cm and 58kg

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