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EXT404 Removable Luggage Sleeve

$21 $28

ORBITGear EXT404 Removable Luggage Sleeve is an add-on panel that can fit on various ORBITGear’s platform to add extra functionality to the item. Adding EXT404 to the item allowing it to slide through the luggage handle and securing it on your travel.

Modular. Can be attached to M100 ADV and S100 ADV.
Secured Locking Mechanism. 4 points of attachment fixed the EXT404 on the bag, securing it in place when used on luggage handle.
Handmade. Made in small batches by a group of high-skilled bag makers at ORBITGear's in-house studio in Indonesia

elecor 580D [Durable & Waterproof]
YKK PES Webbing [Ultra-Durable]
Industrial-Grade Plastic Hardware [Durable]
Industrial-Grade Fastener [Ultra Durable]
6.6 PA Bonded Thread [Strong and Friction Resistant]

M100 ADV MK23
S100 ADV [any version]

Fit & Measurement_
Please Refer to the Last Image for Dimensions & Weight

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