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Color: Multi VX
SS23: What’s [PAST] The Coastline?

When the earth is at its most critical state, humanity’s hope relied only on a time-travelling device that can only bring a thousand people. Sent to the prehistoric time to settle and repair the distant, broken timeline where humanity destroyed themselves. Only bringing limited resources, they finally found an island suitable for living. The rich, cultivated land quickly help them to sustain their community. As the time goes, humanity’s desire for exploration is rising once more, they uncover more and more secrets. When this island slowly become more habitable, one problem occurs, overpopulation. And as they have mastered the ways of prehistoric living, with the compass and weapons, they work on to explore a new land, with one question in mind:



The front liner. The bravest n the pack.
Move for the sake of humanity, taking every steps forward.
No going back in its mind, advancement is the only goal.
The troops began to deploy forward.


DEPLOY Backpack is ORBITGear’s signature backpack for SS23 collection.

DEPLOY Backpack adopts a classic flap, buckle-fastened system with compressible opening. Offers a total of 9 compartments-including a dedicated 16" MacBook Pro Sleeve, DEPLOY Backpack is a versatile, outdoor-inspired backpack with spacious main compartment to adapt with user’s packing preference.

FastTOUCH Access. Quick Access Side Zip that provides fast access to the main compartment and easy load/unload.
Dedicated Laptop Sleeve. The 3Way Protec Sleeve. A Padded, Suspended and Secured 16” MacBook Pro Sleeve is fitted into the back panel, giving you a separated, specified compartment for Laptop storing purpose.
Weatherproof. Waterproof Shell, Waterproof Components, Weatherproof Construction.
Stable & Comfortable. adjustable the shoulder strap for better fit and weight distribution with dynaFIT System and MAG sternumFIX, our Removable Sternum Strap system.
AD-Roller System. Tangle the excess strap with OBRITGear AD_Roller System
Handmade. Made in small batches by a group of high-skilled bag makers at ORBITGear's in-house studio in Indonesia

XPAC Shell [Durable, Lightweight & Waterproof ]
580D elecor Shell [Durable & Waterproof]
Genuine suede leather [Durable]
YKK Aquaguard Zipper [Waterproof]
YKK PES Webbing [Ultra-Durable]
Industrial-Grade Fastener [Ultra-Durable]
Durable Plastic Hardware [Ultra-Durable]
6.6 PA Bonded Thread [Strong and Friction Resistant]

1x Main Compartments w/ Compressible top opening
1x Dedicated 16” MacBookPro Sleeve [Accessible from back panel]
1x Front Darted Zip Pocket w/ 2 Elastic Mesh Divider [Internal]
2x Front Zip Pocket
2x Bottle Pocket
1x Flap Darted Pocket
1x safePOCKET [Back]

20mm sternumFIX removable chest strap
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Theo is 170cm/64kg

Refer to the Last Image for Measurements

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